The membership in SSA is divided into 9 different “chapters” – each has its own geographic area, meeting schedule, projects and interests. Choose one or more and get involved. Membership in a chapter is encouraged, but not required.

membership = northside, Spokane
meets = 4th Tuesday, August thru May, lunch time
# of members = approx. 17
couples/singles = mostly singles
fund-raising project = Bloom in Tune in May
chairperson = Lucretia Pladera  email:

members and friends of the Spokane Symphony Chorale
meets = 3 to 4 times per year, plus chorale rehearsals
# of members = approx. 10
couples/singles = both
fund-raising project = Chorale Concert in April
chairperson = Paul Davis email: 

chairpersons = TBD

membership = city wide, Spokane
meets = four times per year
# of members = approx. 70
couples/singles = mostly couples
fund-raising project = Upscale Sale, originated and chairs
chairperson = John Wilkinson,

membership = city wide, Spokane
meets = 3rd Thursdays, September through April, mid day
# of members = approx, 25
couples/singles = mostly singles
fund-raising project = “Let's Play for the Symphony”, a game & card party, last Mon. of March, including “Elegant White Elephant” and “It's in the Bag!” auctions
chairperson = Maureen Boutz email:

membership = Cheney, WA
meets = 3 times per year at various times
# of members = approx 20
couples/singles = couples
provide exemplary volunteerism at all SSA events
chairperson = Diane Turbeville email:

membership = Northwood – Spokane Valley
meets = about 6 times per year, early evening
# of members = approx 10
couples/singles = couples, singles welcome
project = preparation & delivery of  “Gift Bags for Guest Artists”; Kozinski Kollection of Musical Mementos
chairperson = Ron Gooley email:


membership = Rockwood South Hill Retirement Community
meets = two or three times per year,  evenings
# of members = approx 40
couples/singles = both
project = Holiday Pops Sponsorship 
chairperson = Judy Grollmus email: 

THULEAN  ~ longest standing chapter
membership = city wide, Spokane
meets = monthly with informative program
# of members = approx 10
couples/singles = singles
fund-raising project = the “Uneventful Event”, (donations)
chairperson = Barbara Haynes email: